Welcome to our website about values

Welcome to our website about values

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Mr Ball & Mr Whitehead
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    Sophie thinks Mr Ball shows loyalty.

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    Ajoub thinks Mr Whitehead shows joy.

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The Golden Katana

The Golden Katana

Jacob found a treasure map. It showed where a ninja sword, a golden katana, was hidden. Jacob really wanted it.

The golden Katana

His friends laughed at his dream of finding the katana. “You’ll never do it!” they jeered. But he ignored them and continued, determined.

He set off the next day. Soon he came across a mountain guarded by a fierce monster. Jacob knew what he had to do. With an almighty kick (his favourite karate move) he terrified the monster. It flapped his wings and flew away squealing as he went.


Amazingly, behind the monster was his long lost sister, Olivia! They hugged and continued, determined to complete this mission.

After a while they came to their destination. However, standing in their way was an enormous bright green dragon, even more terrifying than the monster.

A bright green dragon guarded the golden sword.

Behind the dragon Jacob saw the gleaming katana. He ran across and grabbed it. In seconds he had it in his possession and he ran up to the huge dragon. He thrust the katana into the dragon’s enormous belly. The dragon moaned and fell. Jacob grabbed Olivia and the katana. “Run for your life!” he cried to Olivia. They ran back home and everyone was surprised to see them.

From that day, his friends treated Jacob with respect.

Interview with Mr Whitehead

Interview with Mr Whitehead, headteacher.

James, Mr Whitehead and Lucy.
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Brendan & Oliver
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    Brendan thinks Oliver shows joy.

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    Oliver thinks Brendan shows determination.

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